Mid-Kansas services and repairs a wide variety of large industrial engine heads for gas transmission companies, oil refineries, city municipalities and the marine industry.

Some examples are: Ajax, Clark, Colt-Pielstick, Cooper-Bessemer, Enterprise-Delaval, Fairbanks Morse, Ingersoll-Rand, Nordberg, Superior, and Worthington.

Basic Services Include:

• Completely Disassemble Product
• Thoroughly Clean and Wash All Parts
• Inspect / Evaluate Product for All Imperfections
• Magnaflux / MagnaGlo
• Pressure Test
• Determine Work Scope & Advise Customer of Findings
• Service and or Weld Repair
• Install New Seats, Guides and All Other Parts Needed
• Grind and Lap Valves to Seats Mating Surfaces for Seal
• Vacuum Test Mating Surfaces
• Final Inspection of Complete Product
• Paint & Final Detail
• Shrink Wrap and Prepare for Shipment
• Personal Pick-Up and/or Delivery (In Most Cases)

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