Mid-Kansas Cylinder Head Inc. is a family-owned and operated company specializing in the service, repair or complete rebuilding    of power cylinder heads.  These cylinder heads are from large horsepower engines that are used in the ongoing business of gas transmission companies, refineries, city municipalities, and the marine industry.  In addition, we specialize in a long established fusion cast iron welding process that is used in repairing cracked cylinder heads.  This dependable repair process renders a very serviceable product, and can save valuable dollars in replacement cost.  All serviced, rebuilt or weld repaired heads that have been processed in our shop carry the same warranty.

Other specialized welding procedures are also used in the ongoing repair of many different castings, both cast iron and cast steel.     This includes cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, water cooled manifolds, transmission cases, and other heavy equipment cast components.  These specialized welding services are not offered by most facilities.

Our dedicated management and 10 production employees have a collective wealth of 269 years of diversified experience in the service, repair and rebuild business.  This ultimately helps to ensure a repaired product of highest quality.

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